Mission Statement

Zion Baptist Academy exists to provide a high-quality curriculum, founded on academic excellence in a Christ-centered learning environment. Our educational program, based on Jesus’ model in Luke 2:52, seeks to develop the child’s growth in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. The application of this program lays a foundation for biblically based living in today’s society.

A Little About Us

Zion Baptist Academy utilizes a faith-based early childhood curriculum that lays a foundation for Biblical-based living in today’s society. Our curriculum is spiritually dynamic and academically challenging.

Featured Classes

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Educate & Entertain

We help develop local educators as we entertain children across rural Cambodia.

Charity Designed for Impact

100% of donations goes towards. We run a lean charity to be able to give more to the children thanks to volunteers, technology and supporters.

Fun & Activities

We focus on not only education, but also having activities and fun with the children of rural Cambodia.