Before and After School

We understand the different needs that your school age child has once the regular school day is over. It is important that your child has a chance to “unwind” from a long day at school, but also to have structure and age appropriate activities to enhance their time at Zion Baptist Academy. The average daily schedule consists of: arrival to classroom, washing hands and putting up backpacks, sitting down for a healthy snack, a dedicated quiet time to study , read or complete homework and then supervised free choice time divided between outdoor and inside play during which the teacher interacts and role models.

Music and Movement: Our after school classroom has a special section for age appropriate music in different genres (faith based, instrumental, kid friendly). We encourage them to sing and move!

Bible Focus: Our Bible focus is integrated into praying before snack time, Bible store time and more activities.

Gross Motor: Our playground is equipped with full size swings and slides, and other playground equipment appropriate for school aged children.

Social/Emotional: Our school age teacher can be a peer mediator through positive reinforcement, utilizing talking points and playing interactive games. We encourage our school age students to use their words to solve problems with peers, and to make wise choices. Children at this age often form meaningful friendships with other peers and develop unique and often lasting relationships.