Preschool through PK4

Preschool through PK4

Zion Baptist Academy offers care for children ages six weeks to three years in a private care setting. Our Pre-K program is an appropriate program for four-year olds where children learn though play and learning centers. Our program reflects an understanding of how children learn by emphasizing active learning, consistent daily routine, and the use of positive behavior management and assessment strategies. 

A child’s readiness for school is when…

possible health barriers that block learning have been detected, suspected physical or mental disabilities have been addressed, enthusiasm, curiosity, and persistence toward learning is demonstrated, feelings of both self and others are recognized, social and interpersonal skills are emerging, communication with others is effective, early literacy skills are evident, and a general knowledge about the world, things, places, events, and people has been acquired.

Georgia Pre-K prompts school readiness…

An appropriate program for four year olds is not a watered down kindergarten program. Children learn through play and learning centers which are integral parts of pre-kindergarten classrooms. Pre-K programs reflect an understanding of how children learn by emphasizing active learning, consistent daily routines, and the use of positive behavioral management and assessment strategies. The school readiness goals of the Pre-K program provide appropriate preschool experiences emphasizing growth in language and literacy, math concepts, science, social studies, arts, physical development, and social and emotional competence.

Full-Day Program

Georgia’s Pre-K Program is offered free to all four-year-old children regardless of parental income. To participate, children must be four years of age on or before September 1 of the school year. Five-year-old children who have not previously attended the Pre-K program and who have late birthdays or developmental delays that impact their readiness for school may also enroll at the request of their parents. The program provides a full 6.5-hour instructional day for children, five days a week, 190 days a year.